CyberlawStudio works with New York and California startups, existing businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits. Trained at Big Law and having worked as in-house counsel at companies, we are technology business lawyers who advise on legal matters throughout the life cycle of a business–from business formation, founder agreements, capital raise, software development & licensing, artificial intelligence (AI), data privacy (GDPR and CCPA), intellectual property protection, business contract negotiation and litigation, to mergers and acquisitions. Our clients are active in the fields of software, IT, digital media and entertainment. We deliver tailored and cost efficient legal solutions to help your ventures flourish.


    Providing general counsel services to start-ups, existing businesses and non-profit organizations, advising on matters including:
  • General corporate: entity formation, founder agreements, stock purchase and IP agreements
  • Capital raise: angels and VCs utilizing SAFEs, convertible notes, preferred stock or other instruments
  • Technology and IP: software development and licensing, AI technology and AI generated content development, usage and commercialization, trademark and copyright protection
  • Data Privacy and E-commerce: GDPR and CCPA compliance, data processing agreements (DPA), online terms of service
    Providing “in-house” counsel services to start-ups, existing businesses and non-profit organizations, advising on matters including:
  • Entity formation--LLCs, C-corps, S-corps, Nonprofit
  • Equity structuring and issuance
  • Founder and consultant agreements
  • Capital raise--venture backed, angel backed or friends and family
  • Entity conversions, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures
  • Business contracts drafting and negotiations
    Assist clients with creating, protecting and acquiring intellectual property assets, as well as devising strategies to manage and enforce their intellectual property rights. We counsel technology and service providers in deals pertaining to the development, licensing, acquisition and sale of technology assets and services.
  • Routinely review, draft and negotiate master services agreements (MSA) and SOWs for software developers serving Fortune 500 companies and government agencies
  • Advise clients on IP ownership and risk allocations relating to the development of AI technology utilizing 3rd party AI tools and copyrighted materials
  • Represent clients in the buy and sale of software assets
  • For SAAS, PAAS and IAAS clients, draft, review and negotiate end-user licensing agreements, enterprise subscription agreements, hosting, co-location and maintenance agreements
  • Advise clients on US and EU data privacy compliance (CCPA and GDPR), draft privacy policies, draft and negotiate data processing agreements
  • Advise social media platforms, mobile application developers and e-commerce merchants regarding online terms and conditions, copyright, trademark, domain name, rights of publicity and defamation issues
  • Advise various parties in the influencer ecosystem (brands, agencies and influencers) on legal issues surrounding advertising, data privacy, IP and business matters
  • Represent all players in the creative field—publishers, distributors, developers, investors, freelancers and institutional licensees in transactions relating to digital content assets
  • Advise clients on the creation, protection and commercialization of digital content and intellectual property assets, including video clips, smartphone apps, video games, e-books, podcasts and music
  • Advise clients on the usage of AI generated content, rights clearance and ownership